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Professional Eyebrow Shaping in Watersound

Many people explore eyebrow shaping at home and soon discover how difficult it is to create an effective, attractive eyebrow arch. Plucking away stray hairs is one thing but creating a perfect arch with tweezers can be challenging without the proper training and experience.


The eyebrow may seem inconsequential to some, but anyone who is unhappy with theirs or has tried to change the way it looks will understand that it can have a dramatic effect on the face and, therefore, first impressions. To make a strong first impression for all the right reasons, it can be a good idea to seek professional help.


If you have been looking for an eyebrow shaping professional in Watersound, look no further than Aqua Medical Spa. We offer professional eyebrow shaping to help you achieve the look you have been going for. Our experts will consult with you and create the perfect look for your face shape, hair, and skin type.

treatments brow shaping

Eyebrows and Face Shapes

Everybody is unique, right down to our eyebrows. We can classify eyebrow shapes in five different ways. They tend to be straight, round, hard, soft, or S-shaped. While you may wish for a certain kind of eyebrow, the most effective eyebrow shape is generally the one that matches the natural shape and contours of your face. An excellent eyebrow will look neat, but also natural, and you may find that the ideal shape is something that you had not considered before. Our experts are happy to share their knowledge and skills to help you make decisions you are comfortable with and help you achieve the eyebrow shape that speaks to you. 


For example, generally speaking, most eyebrow shapes will look great on someone with an oval face. A squarish face can benefit from the balance provided by softer brows with smooth arches. Those with longer faces can enjoy thicker, fuller eyebrows as long as they are neither too long nor too curved. Of course, these are generalizations. Our specialists really need to see you in person to identify the best way to shape your eyebrows. Whatever your face shape, our staff will see your potential and they have the skill and experience to create eyebrows that allow your face to shine.

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Thick Eybrows

Many of our clients come to us with thicker eyebrows. These can be tricky to manage, which leads them to ask for professional advice and an expert touch.


Our eyebrow shaping specialists in Watersound can transform your eyebrows to make them neat while also keeping them perfectly aligned with the contours of the face. You can say goodbye to messy, undefined eyebrows and enjoy the difference it makes to have professional eyebrow shaping.


In the case of very thick eyebrows, we remove hairs at the beginning of the brow and conscientiously tidy up excess strands above and beneath the ideal arch. 


Eyebrow waxing is a useful method for removing multiple hairs at once and creating clear, clean, definition. One of the benefits of this technique is that the results can also last a long time. Even with bushy eyebrows, however, our eyebrow shaping team will remain careful, as it is easy to remove too much with this process.


Making two eyebrows even is challenging when trying to do it yourself at home. With professional eyebrow shaping, you will not need to worry about crooked eyebrows. Ensuring even, tidy eyebrows is what we do day in and day out. It is second nature to us. 

What Do you Do about Eyebrows That Are Too Thin?

At the other end of the spectrum, we see clients with eyebrows that are particularly thin or that they have plucked too much. This presents different challenges as there is less to work with, but it is not impossible to create something from very little. It may seem counterintuitive, but our experts often employ further tweezing to make sure that the brows do not look messy. We combine this with a variety of techniques to make the eyebrows appear full. 


In addition to tweezers for plucking, we also use gel to make the hairs easier to shape, eyebrow razors for precision definition, and a pencil to enhance their appearance, making them appear thicker and fuller. 

Watersound Professional Eyebrow Shaping

Anyone who has attempted to maintain their eyebrows will know that eyebrow shaping is an exacting and sometimes painstaking process. You can leave it to the professionals at Aqua Medical Spa in Watersound to achieve the perfect shape for you. We have the training and experience to create custom treatments and excellent results that last.