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Skin Tightening

What can we do to combat the effects of aging, those ever-present environmental factors and genetics that can make our skin appear loose and wrinkled? There are very few people who wouldn’t want to improve their skins’ overall texture and firmness. That’s where Venus Freeze™ can help through its ability to both lift and tone without surgery and with no downtime. 

Is the skin on your arms, back, chest or legs showing mild to moderate aging symptoms like… ?

Lines and Folds | Wrinkles | Drooping or Sagging | Loss of Tone and Elasticity

Then Venus Freeze might be right for you.

Venus Freeze Skin Tightening & Cellulite Reduction

Venus Freeze is a non-invasive, painless skin tightening and cellulite reduction therapy that gives your skin a more youthful appearance. The therapy can be used anywhere on the body, although it is most commonly used for the face, neck, abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

These treatments use magnetic pulse and multi-polar radio frequencies to heat the targeted area of the dermis, the thick layer of skin below our epidermis, causing the stored collagen to stimulate the body’s natural healing process to tighten the underlying tissue and stimulate the growth of new collagen. The result: tighter, firmer and younger looking skin.

Venus Freeze treatments are scheduled to treat targeted areas of your body or a combination of areas. The most commonly treated are the face, neck, décolletage, upper arms, stomach, buttocks, hips or thighs. Results will vary based on the condition of the area treated and the number of treatments you choose. With Venus Freeze, you’ll see tighter skin, smoothing of wrinkles and reduction in cellulite dimples.

Many of our clients report seeing a slight improvement even after their first treatment. However, results are most noticeable after your third or fourth treatment. Scheduling a series of treatments in a package will maximize the effects, and following up with occasional touch-ups, once or twice annually, will help extend or maintain the results over time.

Venus treatments yield the best results when performed over a series of six to eight therapy sessions, followed by periodic maintenance treatments, as recommended by our aestheticians.

treatments skin tightening