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Unwanted Hair

Tired of that unwanted hair showing up on various areas of your body? Considering laser hair removal? Whether it’s your bikini area, face, arms, underarms or legs we want you to know how it works and what you can expect.  And yes, go ahead and begin dreaming about how great it will be to finally get rid of those areas of unwanted hair permanently – no more waxing, shaving, or worries. Again, that’s why we’re here.  

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Let’s begin with the fact that laser hair removal is probably the only solution that is truly permanent when it comes to removing your unwanted hair. It’s also a safe procedure that uses a laser device to eliminate the hair from the entire area being treated. How? The heat from the laser causes irreversible damage to the hair follicles and their roots to the extent the hair can no longer grow. The first crucial step in the treatment process begins with our team identifying the best laser and settings for your skin type. Once identified, treatments typically take about 20–30 minutes for a body area like the underarm and go up in duration from there. The results: after the treatment, you’ll experience a significant reduction in unwanted hair with more permanent results coming after the entire course of treatment is completed with any excess hair growth beyond this only requiring a spot touch-up treatment from time-to-time.

Our Treatments Offered Include:​