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Santa Rosa Beach Sun & Age Spot Treatment

Everyone loves a bright sunny day, but it can take its toll on our skin. Everything from sunburn to sunspots and age spots can begin to appear. They are caused by sun exposure and are also linked to genetics. These spots can appear anywhere on your body. As you age, freckles do not retain the same charm as they did in your youth. If you are looking for a more refined appearance, free of sun and age spots, then our Santa Rosa Beach age spots treatment can help.

Today’s modern laser technology can zap away age spots and more from your skin. If you are noticing darker than usual spots anywhere on your body, the age spots treatment at Aqua Medical Spa is for you. Laser treatments can permanently eliminate any unsightly sunspots or age spots.

Why Do I Have Age Spots?

Age spots are brown patches that appear on your face, arms, or hands. When living in a sunny and hot location, such as Florida, there is the risk that age spots will appear, although genetics also play a role. While they are not harmful, they can contribute to your skin losing that youthful appearance.

To maintain the glowing skin you have always loved, you can easily have sunspots removed in our office. Exposing your skin to light will cause your skin to react by increasing melatonin which increases the number of sunspots on your skin.

Age Spot Removal in Santa Rosa Beach

There are various treatments for age spots. Some can be removed with the use of prescription-strength creams. These creams include a bleaching agent. If there are spots that do not respond to creams, they can be removed using one of the many different types of lasers for age spot removal.

Before beginning any laser treatments, our Santa Rosa Beach age spot removal specialists will conduct a thorough evaluation of the treatment area. At our medical spa, our physicians and staff are committed to bringing you the highest quality of care for your skin. We perform advanced skincare treatments every day.

Unfortunately, sometimes cancerous or abnormal growths arise on the skin, and these should be properly treated before any laser treatments. Often, microdermabrasion or chemical peels can be effective at removing these spots as well.

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Laser Treatments for Age Spots in Santa Rosa Beach

Brown or age spots can be treated with laser technology. It will target the melatonin in the brown spot itself, without damaging the surrounding skin. This treatment is one of the safest and most effective ways of removing age spots. During the healing process, the spots will become darker and may even bruise. One or two treatments will usually be all it takes to remove age spots or brown spots.  

Photorejuvenation Program

With a photorejuvenation program, your skin is brightened using light-based devices. They help improve tone and texture, stimulate collagen production, lighten hyperpigmented (darker) areas, reduce redness, improve acne-prone skin, and remove precancerous lesions.

One photorejuvenation treatment is Intense Pulse Light (IPL). A phototherapy treatment that uses broad-based light (BBL) to correct the damage done to your skin by the sun. These light treatments will improve fine lines and wrinkles, improve pigmentation and vascular lesions, and improve age spots, as well as other visible signs of aging on your face and body.

Photodynamic Therapy is another treatment that uses a topical photosensitizing solution combined with a light source to destroy any precancerous lesions, such as actinic keratosis. PDT is also used to treat severe acne. These treatments will eliminate the bacteria that contribute to an acne condition, resulting in clearer, more even skin tone.

Chemical Peels for Age Spots in Santa Rosa Beach

There are often stubborn brown spots that require something different to treat. For those, we use chemical peels. This is a safe and effective form of treatment for many pigmentation problems. A chemical solution is applied to the affected area, leading to the removal of the surface layer of damaged skin. The dead skin peels away and this allows healthy new skin to appear on the surface.

Santa Rosa Beach Laser Treatment for Age Spots Has Never Been More Accessible

There is no longer any reason to live with pesky brown spots or age spots. The sun’s rays may alter your skin tone, but our laser treatment for age spots will bring your skin back to its wholesome, healthy look once again. Contact Aqua Medical Spa today to see what a difference we can make for you and your skin.