miraDry® – It’s Time To Take Charge And Stop Sweating It

By Morgan Smith

What if I told you there was a way that would enable you to toss that stick of deodorant away, start wearing light colored tops again, and feel more confident, would you be interested? With summer fast approaching here in Florida, we all know how hot it can be, especially in July and August. Now couple this with the fact that for millions of Americans excessive sweat is not only a concern in the summer but year round, and often accompanied by the embarrassment and frustration caused by heavy underarm sweat and odor. And, even for those of us who excessive sweating isn’t an issue, sweat and odor are still bothersome for many.

As an aesthetician, I want everyone who is looking for a way to get control of their excessive sweating or to minimize their everyday sweating, to take some time and learn more about miraDry®. miraDry is a quick, noninvasive procedure that provides lasting results for the reduction of underarm sweat and is easily customized to address each of our patient’s specific concerns! The procedure begins with local anesthesia being applied to the underarm area and is followed by the delivery of precisely controlled energy through a handheld device to permanently eliminate the sweat glands. And, talk about immediate results – these sweat glands that were eliminated do not regenerate and are now gone forever.

How long does a treatment typically take? The office visit typically lasts for approximately 2 hours with little to no downtime following the procedure. In fact, we tell most patients that they can resume their normal activities right after treatment and return to exercise within several days. The results – most of our patients see dramatic reduction in sweat immediately following treatment, though results may vary by patient. Personally, this is one of my favorite treatments that we offer. It’s quick, virtually pain free and the results are incredible – not to mention, immediate. No wonder miraDry continues to receive rave reviews!

I invite you to schedule a complimentary miraDry consultation with me at our Panama City spa to discuss the treatment plan best suited for your needs, and let our team help you beat the heat this summer.


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