Wrinkles, Sunspots and Unwanted Hair…Let’s Talk Laser!

By: Avery Barker

I am so excited to not only be a medical aesthetician with Aqua Medical Spa, but to also be the only aesthetician here that is a laser technician. This is an honor for me as I have such a passion for educating our patients on which laser procedures can help them address their skin concerns and achieve the results they are looking for. For me, managing each patient’s expectations all comes down to sharing my extensive knowledge about each of the procedures we offer so everyone knows exactly what they can, and should, expect.

Laser is actually an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Now what exactly does this mean? Well, a laser is a device specifically designed to generate an intense beam of monochromatic light (or other electromagnetic radiation) by the stimulated emission of photons from excited atoms or molecules – I know, we’re not all scientists! In addition, each type of laser treatment requires a specific wavelength be used for various procedures to achieve specific results. For example, if you are having a vascular laser treatment performed, the specific wavelength for targeting oxyhemoglobin is used to treat the area and prevent any damage to the surrounding tissue. This is so important as it not only helps set us up for a successful treatment, but it ensures your safety during all procedures. In all there are five specific wavelengths used in laser procedures with each of the five designed to effectively target one of the following: pigment, oxyhemoglobin, water, tattoo ink and melanin.

It’s also important to know that laser procedures allow us to go deeper than our typical topical products can reach when it comes treating aging and sun damaged skin. What these procedures effectively allow us to do in these cases is target your deeper layer of aged or damaged skin with lasers specifically tuned to generate new, healthy collagen and elastin. We also evaluate each patient using The Fitzpatrick phototyping scale to determine how their skin reacts to sun exposure, which further ensures we are conducting the procedure as safely as possible.

There are so many different types of laser treatments available at Aqua Medical Spa and each with its own distinct benefits. So, please talk to me, and let’s find out together what a laser treatment could do for you – from restoration and rejuvenation to reducing scarring and tattoo removal. Let’s talk laser!

Remember, consultations are FREE!

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