Back to School List: Pencils✅ Paper✅ Clear Skin✅

By Stacie Senn, Aesthetician – Dothan, Alabama

‘Tis the season – the season for getting back into the swing of school! The thrill of catching up with friends and making new ones, the excitement of shopping for supplies and new clothes, and the anticipation of that first home game all make this a fun-filled, exciting time for you and your kids. However, for some preteens and teens that suffer from acne, going back to school can be a frustrating time and cause feelings of anxiousness rather than excitement. Not to mention, how being self-conscious about their acne-prone skin often makes them feel awkward and uncomfortable in a group setting. Fortunately, while not curable, acne is highly treatable and controllable. So, if your preteen or teen is battling this common, age-related skin problem, there are some things our Aqua Med Spa team can do to help them with to ensure a much smoother, and clearer, return to school this fall.           

A good place to start in determining the appropriate skin care needs and subsequent regimen for your preteens and teens is to schedule a complimentary, confidential skin care consult and analysis with one of our licensed aestheticians. Remember, counseling, educating, treating and recommending at-home products is our specialty – and we’ve all been there too!

While each individual’s treatment plan will be designed for their specific issues, a consistent home care regimen is almost always the key to successfully battling acne and getting it under control. One such regimen is the Obagi CLENZIderm M.D.™ System. This complete three-step acne treatment system with clinically proven benzoyl peroxide helps control acne for clearer, healthier looking skin and helps prevent future breakouts. And, even more importantly, it can go a long way in helping make returning to school less stressful so your preteen or teen can fully enjoy all the fun and exciting things that come with this time of year.

The Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. System starts with the Daily Care Foaming Cleanser that contains 2% salicylic acid and a cooling menthol to help wash away acne-causing impurities, leaving the skin clean and refreshed. The cleanser also targets blackheads and pimples as well as helps your preteen/teen dodge further eruptions down the road, all with one goal – helping them restore their normal healthy skin. The second part of the Obagi system is the Pore Therapy treatment. Pore Therapy also uses its formula, with 2% salicylic acid, to further unclog and refine enlarged pores and create a canvas of less flawed skin. In addition, it exfoliates their skin whisking away the dead skin cells, which can build up and cause further breakouts when left untreated. The CLENZIderm Therapeutic Lotion is the last step in the treatment system. This lightweight lotion, with 5% benzoyl peroxide, is uniquely formulated to deliver its acne battling properties deep into pores, where acne starts, and to help prevent future outbreaks. These three products, when used together and consistently over time, can not only help your preteen/teen restore their healthiest skin but, more importantly, Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. System can make a real difference in helping them regain that confidence and self-esteem that is often greatly diminished and sometimes stolen by acne.

We invite you to contact one of our spas to schedule an appointment for your preteen or teen and check off one more thing on your back to school list! Remember, this one can be a real game changer for both them and you.

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