SkinPen®: The hottest trend is now safer than ever!

By Cheyann Boyer

I am thrilled to announce that we are now offering microneedling treatments in our Dunwoody office with the newly FDA cleared SkinPen®! If you don’t know what microneedling is then you are going to want to keep reading.

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive procedure that helps reduce acne, smooth fine lines, minimize the appearances of scars and stretchmarks, and renew your skin. This treatment has taken different forms over the years from rollers to many types and styles of pens. However, none have succeeded in getting FDA clearance, until now. While effective, these other devices have not met the necessary standards for safety to get this distinguished classification. Using a unique single use, interlocking housing and sleeve along with 16 sterile needles, SkinPen delivers 1600 microchannels in the skin per second to offer you the best and safest results.

Why is this so important? Because the microchannels created during this procedure not only help facilitate the growth of new collagen, but they also stimulate the remodeling of existing collagen producing an almost immediate tightening effect, smoothing out lines and crepey skin. Also, when used to treat acne scarring, scars from surgery or stretchmarks, the new collagen helps to break up the unwanted scar tissue and build new healthy skin in its place!

To many people the word “microneedling” sounds scary, and if you do a quick internet search, you are sure to find lots of conflicting information. So let me clear up some common questions that I get all the time about this procedure.

Does microneedling hurt? No. Before we perform the procedure, we apply a topical numbing agent to the area, and most patients don’t feel a thing.

Is this for the face only? Microneedling can be done on any part of the body and even on large surface areas.

Am I going to look awful afterwards? Most patients will experience some redness for the first day as well as a small amount of pinpoint bleeding. The second day you may be a little puffy as your body is flooding the area with an immune response to heal the microchannels - this is a good thing! Usually by the third day, most patients are able to apply makeup as usual.

How many treatments will I need? It depends on the severity of your concerns, but most patients benefit from a series of 3-6 treatments.

How much does it cost? That is determined by an individualized consultation.

If you would like to schedule a consultation to determine your personalized treatment plan for microneedling, please give us a call at (770) 452-5667.

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* This discount is only available on at offices where SkinPen microneedling treatment is currently offered, and for the stated time period above. Substitutions are not permitted and no rain checks or postponements can be offered. Pre-paid treatment/services must be scheduled and used prior to December 31, 2018.

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