CoolSculpting®: How To Ensure Great Results After Treatment

By Amy Fredrick

Effective fat loss without going under the knife? Too good to be true, right? There is a lot of discussion about the actual treatment and what to expect. What about when you leave the office after CoolSculpting® and are waiting for all that good stuff to happen – what can you do?

CoolSculpting involves coming in for a thorough consultation to make sure you’re a candidate and to come up with the best treatment plan for you based on your needs and wants. My ideal candidate for CoolSculpting is someone who has an active lifestyle and is seeking to tone up an area or two, or they can be taking that first step in beginning a total body transformation journey. We all have that one area or areas of our body that we just can’t shake, from those stubborn love handles to our outer thighs; here at Aqua Medical Spa, we call those “areas of opportunity.” After a successful consultation, we get you scheduled, get you in for treatment and track your progress in the following weeks.

I ALWAYS tell my clients that your mindset when you leave the treatment room after CoolSculpting is one of the major determining factors of success! Sure CoolSculpting will produce results, but MAXIMIZING them to the fullest potential is in your hands. We want you to see results as fast and effectively as possible! And, here are four tips to help you do just that.

#1 – Up That Water Intake! Your lymphatic system is trying to flush out the dead fat cells after the CoolSculpting, and remember H2O is the best thing to help speed the process up.

#2 – Get Sweaty! Whether you want to sit in a sauna at your gym, take some hot yoga classes, or just a long walk on our beautiful beach during summer (feel the burn): Just sweat it out.

#3 – Clean Up Those Eating Habits! A fat loss procedure is not a pardon to slack on diet and exercise. In fact, it’s just the opposite. I find that my clients who make a point to cut some calories and spend extra time in the gym after having CoolSculpting not only see better results, but they see them FASTER, and the treatment gives them motivation.

#4 – Come To Your Follow Ups! You see yourself every day, and it’s easy to forget what you looked like pre-CoolSculpting! In your follow ups we review old photos and current ones side by side to see exactly how much volume you’ve lost in the treatment area or areas. It’s easy to be shocked at the progress when it’s right in front of you.

In my experience treating clients from all walks of life, watching their amazing journeys has truly shown me how effective and life changing this treatment can be.

If you are ready to tackle the areas holding you back from achieving your ideal body, I encourage you to stop in for a FREE consultation, and let’s get you looking, feeling and being your best self.


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