The Perfect Gift To Help With Those New Year’s Resolutions

By: Jon Ward, MD / Board-Certified Dermatologist

This Holiday Season is the perfect time to give yourself or someone you care about the gift of confidence – the gift of CoolSculpting. In 2010, the FDA approved a revolutionary device that has become the breakthrough approach to non-invasive fat reduction. The CoolSculpting device uses suction and cooling to freeze the fat cells (along with the skin) to selectively destroy the fat, which your body then naturally eliminates. Why is this CoolSculpting a breakthrough?

Because prior to this decade, the only solution for these problem areas was liposuction, a very effective option, but one that requires surgery and can be very expensive. Now we have a natural, proven option for eliminating that stubborn fat.

My Personal Experience: I am a true believer in this technology and have had several treatments with CoolSculpting myself over the years. And, like most men, eliminating this stubborn midsection fat with CoolSculpting has greatly changed my level of confidence. Taking off my shirt used to be a bit embarrassing, and now it’s no big deal. And, I had put in plenty of time in the gym too before having my CoolSculpting. For me, I think this is the way we all really want to feel when we’re outdoors, at the pool or at the beach.

Now keep in mind that unless you were born with superhuman resolve or the perfect genetic code, there are always going to be stubborn pockets of fat that haunt the average person – that goes for both men and women and that fat is usually a formidable foe to both exercise and diet.

CoolSculpting For Women: We find that women most often request treatments for the upper arms, the inner thighs and under the chin. And remember, these are usually women who, for the most part, eat healthy and exercise regularly, but just need a little extra help with those hard to tone areas in those hard to tone places.


CoolSculpting For Men: For men, it’s generally our midsections. Lower abdominal fat and “love handles” that seem to stick around even when we hit the gym regularly and do our best to eat right. Even though the “dad bod” has gained some degree of acceptance, do men really want to keep that stubborn fat? I think not.

At our Aqua Medical Spa, we have been offering CoolSculpting since 2011 and have performed over a thousand procedures. Our licensed aestheticians have all received extensive training, which has given us the distinction of being a CoolSculpting Center of Excellence. If you are going to give yourself, or someone you love, the gift of confidence, you can do so knowing the choice of technology and proven treatment is the right one.

Let’s review the advantages one last time:

  • FDA approved, unlike most other devices, which are only FDA cleared - a big difference
  • No surgery required and no downtime
  • A proven treatment being offered by a proven leader with a CoolSculpting Center of Excellence and highly trained team
  • A great way to eliminate those stubborn pockets of fat in 2018


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